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Inconsiderate Assholes and Costco.

Two things today.



I hate inconsiderate people.  I can’t stand them.  I don’t understand the mentality behind people that go about their business like they are the only people on the planet.


Another thing,

When is Costco going to implement an express aisle?  I hate walking in there to pick up a case of water only to have to wait in line for 30 minutes behind the guy that’s preparing for the end of the Mayan world.  I had gone in there to buy one item…ONE…and it was packed with all aisles at least 3 deep with full carts.  I had asked the guy in front of me with a full cart if I could go in front of him, he gave me a humorous pass.  The next lady said, “Sure”.  The old lady that was too cool for school with her sunglasses on indoors is about to get rang up.  I show her my one item and cash in hand and she gives me the look of death.  ”Everyone needs to WAIT in line!” as she starts to put her stuff on the belt.  Apparently the lady behind her was her daughter and just told me to go ahead and just looked straight embarrassed to be related to this cow.  Even the cashier and bagger looked at her with that, “Seriously?” look.  My transaction took 12 seconds.  Twelve.  I was done paying before she even finished unloading her cart onto the belt.

Was that really necessary?  She could have just said, “No…”, but did she have to amplify her dickishness with that loud ass blurt?  She even saw me asking the people behind her and she turned away hoping I wouldn’t ask.  Seriously?